I walked around thinking I was an inked baddie after my first tattoo…it’s mortifying now I realise what it looks like

TATTOOS come in all different shapes, sizes and designs.

But imagine having an inking that's so bad, people can't even work out what it's supposed to be.

Kila Anne, who is from the UK, took to TikTok and shared an image of the tattoo she wanted, which featured a fairy design with the word "believe" etched underneath.

However, what she got was something completely different…


Alongside the video, Kila penned: "Thinking back to my first tattoo and the audacity I had to walk round thinking I was an inked baddie."

She then shared a snap of the disastrous inking, which was so blurry, social media users were left confused.

"What does it say?," asked one, to which Kila clarified: "It’s supposed to say “sis” – all my other sisters have the same tattoo, theirs aren’t as bad though."

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And the post wasn't short of comments, with many amused by the tattoo reveal.

"Wanted 'Believe' but you got 'Couldn’t believe it,'" joked one.

A second penned: "This killed me," while a third added: "Criminal."

Elsewhere, a fourth quipped: "That's a violation," while a further added: "That looked like a gremlin."

Kila, who appeared to see the funny side of her tattoo, responded: "That's a compliment tbh."

She added: "In my defence, I was really young when I got it done… I’ve really stepped my ink game up since."

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