I used to weigh 371 lbs but lost 150 – people say I’m a ‘warrior’ when they see my before and afters | The Sun

ONE former 371-pound woman has withstood a tough weight loss journey, and people are impressed.

Viewers deemed her a "warrior" when they saw her before she began exercising and after.

The woman was featured on the YouTube account @obiziweightmotivation in their recent video.

First, she was shown before she started working with a personal trainer to lose weight.

At this time, she was 371 pounds, but she would shave almost half of that off in the following months.

The woman donned an off-the-shoulder shirt, a black one-piece swimsuit, and a yellow hospital gown while she weighed the most she ever had.

In the following clip, she had on workout clothes and was lifting free weights at the gym.

Her determination was evident in her solemn expressions while exercising.

She was sprinting on the road, running on her treadmill, and squatting more than just the bar at the gym.

By the one-year mark, the motivated woman had lost 150 pounds.

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And she wasn't planning on stopping there.

Viewers acknowledged the difficulty in losing weight and staying consistent with their health.

They congratulated the woman in the video and complimented her hard work.

One fan wrote: "You worked so hard and literally stopped carrying around an entire adult human on your frame. Your energy levels must be through the roof, well done you!"

"Girlfriend… you are a warrior," a follower remarked.

A kind viewer said: "The will power, perseverance, & physical & mental strength you needed to achieve such a feat is absolutely amazing & inspiring!!"

"Not only have you lost a lot of weight, but you look super strong," one sweet woman wrote.

A nice man added: "Amazing transformation."

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