I turned my mom into me – people are 'wowed' or even claiming they're 'in love' | The Sun

THE latest addition to a mom makeover trend is being described as “the best ever”.

The reaction to Taylor's (@taylormnunez) TikTok post of her mom’s transformation is insane.

“Turning my mom into me," she captions her video before the magic happens.

Taylor’s mom is makeup free and dressed down in a grey sweatsuit, white T-shirt, and slippers.

But after her makeover, this is one very different and sassy mom.

“How does she look so good,” asks her daughter, as mom rocks up to the camera.

She wears tight leather trousers, a pink top, with revealing decolletage, black high heel boots, and a matching leather handbag.

The response to Taylor’s video has been phenomenal with over 617k likes and over 3k comments.

Comments could not get enough of this mom makeover, some calling it the "best yet."

“Best trend ever,” was the view of one comment.

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Another chimed in with: “Good lord. Please never let this trend end.”

While another said: “Bless this trend.”

There were many compliments and declarations of love.

“Very beautiful lady," said one.

“Wow, she’s gorgeous," added another.

One wondered where he could meet women like her: “What PTA meetings do I need to start going to to find these women?”

“I’m just going to say it since everyone’s thinking it….d******mn," revealed one comment.

Finally, it is the real thing for at least one fan: “It’s official, I’m in love.”

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