I turned my 'embarrassing' and weird' habit into a £230k-a-year career after quitting my job | The Sun

AN intuitive woman has shared how her 'weird and embarrassing' habit turned into a successful career that pays £230,000 yearly.

Allie Ninfo, 26, quit her dancing job and started a business where she talks to the dead delivering messages from loved ones who have passed.

The 26-year-old from Texas, US, who claims is also a mind reader has now started working as an intuitive energetic healer helping people to connect to their "soul's greatest potential of feeling good internally."

Even though at first she was embarrassed by her skills she is now happy she can help others.

She said: "When I realised it wasn't normal when I was younger I got embarrassed.

"I thought I was weird and I didn't tell anybody about it.

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"Then I realised I wasn't fulfilled in life because I wasn't using my gifts.

"I took time to heal myself and now I get to help people and have a dream job.

Allie also claims she can read people's minds and says her boyfriend Justin, 33, cannot even plan any surprise for her.

She added: "I can read people's minds.

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"My boyfriend can't get away with anything.

"One example of this is one time he was trying to hide something from me (a surprise).

"I came home and said "what are you hiding from me?"

"He's like 'I can't even surprise you!' Now I don't feel I have to prove anything.

"I help people who want to be helped."

Allie first realised she was an intuitive when she was five years old and had the premonition that her grandma, Nancy, had cancer – which was confirmed in a diagnosis just weeks later.

"I woke up one morning and I just said to my mum – 'grandma has cancer,'" she said.

"Mum said how to do you know.

"I just told her that I heard it in my heard but it was still my own voice but different from my thoughts."

At 12 years old she experienced speaking to her dead grandfather, Augustino, at his funeral but Allie didn't realise her "gift" was unusual until she hit her mid-teens.

She realised she could read people's minds and even predicted her best friend at the time and her boyfriend would break up.

"He was telling me stories about when my dad was young," she said.

"All of this felt normal to me.

"The souls I would hear from where kind and safe and just wanted to relay a message to someone.

"I thought it was common until I was about 16.

"I would have a thought and the next minute someone who say it.

"I got a future thought that my friend and her boyfriend were going to break up and a few weeks later they did.

"I started to realise it wasn't normal."

When she moved to LA, she was able to learn how to use her "gifts" with the help of a psychic she met.

After taking a while to "heal" and find her self-worth she started using her "gifts" for anyone who wanted them.

She connects with souls of people who have passed and runs intuitive energetic healing sessions to see what a persons soul "really desires."

Allie's business made a whopping £114,000 last year and is on track to make £240,000 this year.

She feels lucky to have the support of her boyfriend Justin.

"I have had relationships in the past which I have had to end because they didn't understand what I do," Allie said.

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"But it's who I authentically am.

"This is what I now encourage others to be. Justin has always been open to it."

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