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IN the recent years, transforming vans into a home has become all the rage – and rightly so.

Over time, it saves loads of cash on rent and mortgage and you can live wherever whenever, with no properties gluing you to a specific location.

Like many, the Aussie TikTok sensation, Tyler Regan, was initially quite sceptical about living in a mobile home.

But then, in June 2020, the sketch comedian decided to leave LA to travel through America in an RV, after he and his girlfriend transformed a 1976 Airstream and made it into a luxury home.

"I had never camped a day in my life before this," Regan said, telling Insider that the idea of living in a tiny mobile home felt like a huge risk.

As a full-time content creator, the TikTok star also had to factor his work schedule into the life-changing decision.

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After some careful thinking, Regan said the idea of seeing the world whilst also making videos was compelling – and the two finally decided to take the plunge.

The couple then joined together to find and redecorate the perfect RV for their new life – a process that took more than a year.

Regan said he had "never stepped foot into an RV" before buying the Airstream, and was expecting it to feel really uncomfortable and tiny.

Although the £13k van did not ''feel cramped at all', there was a lot of work that needed to be done in order to make it cosy.

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"It was in very good shape on the outside, but the inside needed everything," Regan said.

For the makeover, they stripped out all the flooring and furniture and started from scratch, with the help from Regan's parents and a professional who dealt with plumbing and electrical work. 

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Prior to Regan and Roberts' renovation – this took six months – the trailer's kitchen was fitted with brown walls and brown wooden casing around the oven and other appliances.

However, to give it a pop of colour, the two ended up making it over with brighter, whiter walls, and with mint-green kitchen appliances. 

"We're lucky because we have a full-size refrigerator which is really rare.

''I feel like I see people in RVs normally going for mini-fridges or half-sized fridges.

''But this is really useful because we have loads of storage place," he added. 

For the TikTok star, it was also important that the tiny home looked more spacious than it actually was – so he set to install a rectangular countertop in the kitchen.

"When you have this really really long piece, it's going to make the space look bigger," he said. 

Regan said the countertop is a 13 feet solid butcher block.

"We like to cook so we have plenty of space for that," said Regan, adding, "plus we have room for plants and stuff which makes it feel more like a home." 

"The countertop is really the shining feature for me. It kind of pulls the whole thing together," he continued. 

However, there are some things that are too small for the two – such as their tiny bathroom.

"It's the only place in the Airstream that feels slightly small for my body," said Regan, who is 6'1ft.

Living a small home has also made it quite challenging to find the right time and place to film content, he revealed.

"If I'm writing scripts during the day and I know I need to try and be filming before five because that's when the sun gets low and I might not get good lighting.

"We also have street noise and loud neighbours sometimes, so you just never know what to expect.

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''When it's quiet, I'm always like, 'this is my chance, go, go, go.' It's certainly more stressful for me than it's ever been because I normally just have a room to set up in.''

But overall, both Regan and his girlfriend have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far and plan to travel the country until early December and then come back to their previous home in LA, where they will likely continue living in the cosy van.

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