I tried to make my own version of Pink Stuff at home and nailed it using two ingredients – it works just as good | The Sun

A CLEANING enthusiast has shared her clever hack to make her own version of the Pink Stuff at home. 

Tanya, who describes herself as the ‘Queen of Hacks’, took to her TikTok account to share her incredible invention for others to benefit from too. 

“This is, without a doubt, the best hack you will see today, wow,” she started as she took a bowl and filled it with some baking soda and a tablespoon of dish soap. 

She then mixed the two ingredients together to form a gritty paste. 

Using an ordinary black paintbrush, Tanya then took a dollop of the mixture and coated her kitchen sink in it. 

“Brush paste all over sink,” [sic] she wrote over the clip as she carried out this step of her cleaning routine. 


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Taking half of a lemon, she then instructed viewers to scrub the sink down in a circular motion. 

She then shared a clip of the before, where rings of limescale could be seen. Following this, she posted the after, revealing a smooth and shiny, clean finish to the sink. 

People were amazed by the after clip and couldn’t help but liken the product she made to the Pink Stuff, which can be found across stores in the UK. 

“Same results with Pink Stuff,” one person wrote as a second said: “Looks like the same as Pink stuff”. [sic] 

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Others said they were definitely going to try her method themselves to see it first hand. 

“I will give this a try,” one person said as another gushed over “what a great tip!!!!” it is. 

A third shared: “Wow that’s amazing I got to try this,” [sic] while a fourth added: “I use this combo for cleaning the glass doors of my ovens..don’t use anything else plus add lemon for tiles”. [sic]

But others thought her cleaning paste was a waste of time as there are existing products that result in the same clean, smooth look. 

“This would be the same if just wid fairy liquid..this is dum waste. N doesn’t every1 clean their sink daily????” [sic] one person argued. 

Another said: “Too much effort !! CIF spray can do the job quarter of the time,”to which she responded: “Fair enough. I like cif too but I like to try different things”. [sic]

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