I took my dog to the groomer & came back with a 'totally different' pet – the kids don't recognise him | The Sun

A PET lover who took the family dog to the groomer says her children no longer recognise him.

TikTok user @aliceanthony56 took her Goldendoodle for a trim and was shocked when he came back a "totally different dog".

The woman posted a video of her dog before and after his trip to the groomer, and it gained a lot of attention from other stunned TikTok users.

The post has racked up almost 400k likes and over 2,000 comments, with one user saying: "I refuse to believe this is the same dog."

At the start of the short clip, the fluffy golden-coloured pooch can be seen playing with the children.

The video is captioned: "My children think we got a new dog."

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At the end of the video it shows the dog after his visit to the groomers, completely de-fluffed and without his lovely golden curls.

Although the dog is still adorable, he looks like a completely different dog, and other TikTok users agreed.

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One commenter said: "Left as a Goldendoodle and came back as a Greyhound."

Whilst another person said: "I'm a dog groomer, don't beat yourself up I think this happens to everyone at least once."

Lots of people were giving tips on how to deal with the dog's hair to stop it from getting matted.

Owner @aliceanthony56 responded and confessed that she "didn't groom him properly before the cut" but is hoping to do better next time.

She even responded to one comment by saying: "I even went out to buy alow dryer for after his baths."

Another TikTok user called Sarah posted a video of her Goldendoodle, called Scout.

She was left horrified when her beloved dog was given an awful haircut that made it look like a raw chicken.

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