I thought losing 14st wound finally make me happy with my body – I hate it even more and won’t even let my kids touch me

A MUM has revealed that her 13st weight loss made her hate her body so much that she refused to let her kids touch it.

Julie, 39, had been desperate to shed the pounds, but after dropping over half of her body weight she was left with excess skin that knocked her confidence completely.

Speaking on TLC’s My Extreme Excess Skin, Julie explained: “I am happy that I have lost masses amounts of weight but I’m not happy with the way my body looks.

“I never thought that I would have this much skin after the weight loss. 

“It’s something that really holds me back, you have all this skin and you have to cover it constantly to feel some semblance of normalcy.

“Whenever I try to hide it it’s always there, just this constant reminder of the abuse and neglect of my body.”

At her heaviest Julie tipped the scales at almost 24st and after becoming increasingly unhappy with her body she decided she needed to change.

She said: “Being that big made me feel terrible about myself. 

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“I was a comfort eater for sure, I would find myself eating if I was upset about something and as I started to get older my weight just spiralled out of control.

“I didn’t want my kids to think of me as the fat mom.”

She began exercising and after losing almost three stone unaided she underwent gastric bypass surgery.

“Within the first couple of months the weight was just falling off,” she explained.

“I felt prettier, I felt better about myself but as I got closer to my target weight I noticed that my skin was just starting to hang off of me.

“My stomach bothers me the most. It’s just gross and it hangs right smack in the centre of my body, my breasts are saggy and deflated I just don’t feel womanly and confident and sexy like I want to .

“And that really impacts the relationship with my husband because of the skin I feel like I can’t be the wife that I want to be.”

I just don’t feel womanly and confident and sexy like I want to

But it isn’t just Julie’s husband Mike who has been impacted by her excess skin, with the mum admitting that she hates her children touching her skin.

“I also feel like I can’t be the best mum that I want to be for my kids,” she said. 

“I don’t like it when my kids touch my skin. It fills me with guilt but the skin makes me feel distant from my whole family.

“I just hate my body, I need skin removal surgery or I’m never going to feel comfortable in my skin.”

And surgery she had with Julie having the excess skin removed from her stomach, arms and breasts, seeing her confidence soar.

She said: “Looking at my body makes me feel proud, I’ve worked super hard and I finally like how I look.

“I feel more womanly and sexy and I haven’t felt that way in years – I’m a healthy woman and a sexy wife as well as the active mum that I always wanted to be.”

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