I splashed out on loads of beauty treatments – it was a fail, my lips were swollen & don’t get me started on my eyebrows | The Sun

IN a bid to be low maintenance when it comes to beauty, one woman splashed out on loads of different treatments, but her plan turned out to be a massive fail.

Rather than spend ages dolling herself up every day, Marena Nicole forked out to enhance her look for a longer period of time.

The beauty fan started off by getting lip filler so she could have the perfect pout before graduating university.

But her lips ended up massively swollen and looked way bigger than she originally wanted them to.

She shared a picture of the filler fail alongside a duck emoji on TikTok with the caption: "If anyone is wondering why I haven't been posting… my face is healing."

Things went from bad to worse when Marena decided to get her lashes done though.


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Despite asking for a a specific "bold spikey look" to replicate the strip lashes she usually wears, the beauty hopeful walked out of the salon with something very different.

Marena said she even showed the lash technician a picture of another set of lashes she did in the past to make sure she got exactly what she wanted.

But the lash fail was nothing compared to her eyebrows, which needed the longest time to fully heal.

She was wary about the treatment before booking it so made sure to check she'd be able to get the natural look she wanted before booking an appointment.

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"Every time I get my brows tinted they're always way too dark, I have my college graduation on Saturday so I just didn't want to do something super risky before it," she said in a message to the beautician before booking the appointment.

Even though she was assured her brows would turn out exactly how she wanted them, Marena awoke the next day to find red scabs under her eybrows.

"She advised me to go and and scrum/rinse a few times and to try a clarifying shampoo to get the dye out .

"I think the clarifying shampoo/scrubbing was too harsh on my freshly waxed brows," Marena explained.

Luckily, the beautician refunded her for the failed brow tint, so she at least got some of her money back.

To top it all off, the beauty fan also got a nasty bruise on her lip after her sister accidentally hit her – leaving her face bruised right before her big celebration.

"I cried so much my eyes were swollen at graduation haha, ugh literally a joke at this point," she replied to a comment on the viral post.

Other TikTok users were shocked by how the beauty treatments turned out, one commented: "Omg I would've had a melt down! You're still pretty though girl"

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And another said: "I try so hard to follow the 'don't do anything new before an event' rule but always fail.

"Thank you for this reminder cause my wedding is coming up."

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