I spied lots of laundry items in Tesco's sale & cleared the shelf, people say I shouldn't have – they're just jealous | The Sun

A WOMAN who spotted loads of laundry items on clearance in Tesco decided to clear the shelf.

Summer posted a picture of her car boot stocked up with the bargains on the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

She managed to nab ten bottles of Surf Coconut Bliss laundry detergent for £3.50 each rather than £7.

The woman also grabbed what looks to be five packs of Fairy non-bio laundry pods for £2 each.

"Tesco… right place right time," she captioned the post, adding, "And yes, we cleared the shelf. Just in case anyone was wondering."

But the comment section was quickly flooded with people who argued summer should have left some for others.


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"Those posts are just to get a reaction. There’s a lot of people on this group that think it’s ok to think about themselves, forget about everyone else then have ago at people who do think about others.

"Apparently not being selfie (selfish) is a bad thing these days sad works we life in," one raged.

"I can smell jealousy," replied a woman who summer tagged in the post.

Another remarked: "Don't see the point in putting the post up if you cleared the shelves.

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"Yes I probably would have taken a few but wouldn't feel right myself taking the lot."

A third penned: "Seems to be the folks that have got money clear the shelves and don't really care about the ones that have little money and can't afford to buy more than one or two items."

Although Summer cleared the shelf, she revealed she shared her loot out with other families.

And others were much ore complimentary about her haul, with many admitting they would have cleared the shelf as well.

One person wrote: "And why not, great bargains, well done."

Another commented: "Can't beat a good bargain."

"Good for you …… I done the same in Morrisons the other week," added a third.

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