I spent $6,985 on Kim Kardashian’s Skims Fendi collab – the bra was TINY, it looked like it was made for an ant | The Sun

A BRUTALLY honest review on the FENDI x SKIMS was given by a YouTuber, who complained about the size of the clothes.

YouTuber Hope Allen was a harsh critic of Kim Kardashian's brand, saying that some pieces hit the mark while others looked as if they were made "for an ant."

Allen shared in a video her shopping haul from the FENDI x SKIMS Capsule collection.

In total, she spent $6,985 on designer underwear, dresses, shapewear, and swimsuits.

First, Allen unboxed a pair of logo tights, then a matching mesh bralette and she couldn't help but laugh at its tiny size.

She jokingly said: "Why do they all look like this?

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"It's a bra for ants."

Allen bought the tights and bra for $115 and $100, respectively, and while she liked the look of the tights, she decided to toss the mesh bra.

Next, Allen unboxed a pair of shaping shorts and a bodysuit, which she compared to "the little aliens from Men in Black."

Allen didn't love either option as they both rolled up after a few seconds, and she decided to return them.

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"This was $120 and I don't feel $120 worth more confident," Allen said of the bodysuit.

Allen then tried on a red printed bodysuit, which she said is reselling for $400 and is "more [her] speed."

She also tried on a $325 printed jumpsuit and loved its comfort.

The YouTuber said: "It's like I'm just wearing one giant legging all over my whole body."

Next up, Allen unboxed a $495 long-sleeve swimsuit set, but because she could only order one size in both the top and bottoms, it didn't quite fit her.

To a green printed pair of bike shorts she tried on, Allen said: "Gosh these were $320, I didn't realize.

"I was in love with them until I realized that's how much I paid for them."

Finally, Allen saved the most expensive items for last.

She tried on a pair of $1,100 velvet leggings that she immediately fell in love with.

"I was honestly really hoping that I would not love them so that I would send them back," she said.

"But I don't think I've ever owned something like this, that is both super stretchy but velvety at the same time."

Despite her love for the leggings, Allen decided to return them since they were so expensive.

Lastly, Allen tried on a velvet dress that she called: "the dress [she's] been waiting for [her] entire life."

The midi dress cost her $1,750, but thanks to its flattering shape and comfortable fabric, it's a keeper for Allen.

"Yes, this is my holiday dress for every holiday of the rest of my life," she said.

She signed off her video by saying: "Most of this I was a little bit underwhelmed, had me questioning my financial decisions, but this dress… it's really nice."

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