I spent £285 on a tribute tattoo for my great-gran when I was 18….it hasn't aged well, people are so mean about it

IT's no surprise that some people can take years settling on a tattoo design.

After all, it's going to be on you for life.

But Jessika Gancedo, who is from the US goes by the acronym @jessikabaileyg on TikTok, was 18-years-old when she had her heart set on getting a sweet tribute tattoo of an Iris flower with wings for her great gran.

In a short video, she says how she paid £285 for the inking – only to regret it years later when she realised it looked like something completely different.

"I did not research the tattoo artist," she explains.

"I did not come in with a picture reference. I came in with an idea and the tattoo was only £285 [$350]."


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"It is supposed to be an Iris flower with wings in tribute to my great-grandmother, Iris, and just know that immediately, whenever I got it and walked over to my dad to show him, he said, 'oh yeah, it's a tribute to her cabbage patch kid'."

She continues: "I've been in two tattoo artists. I'm talking about a coverup. The first one said, 'oh yeah, we can cover that pretty easily. It's pretty faded.'

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"But the second one said it's going to have to be pretty big though. The second one also told me that it looks like a 30-year-old tattoo.

I will say my dad has a worse one than this. So I guess bad tattoos just run in the family."

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And it wasn't long before social media users took to the comments section, with some making other unfortunate comparisons.

"It’s kind of giving…uterus," wrote one.

A second penned: "What you mean only 285?!"

A third commented: "Only £285? I got three for less than that."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Don’t think it’s a bad tattoo just not the style your into."

Jessika responded: "It’s just not aging well and definitely not my style."

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