I soaked my hoover's hose pipe for the first time in three years & I couldn't believe the grim stuff that came out

WE all know how to empty the hoover, but did you know you should also regularly clean its hose pipe?

One woman decided to do just that after seeing someone else do it on social media, and was stunned by the amount of muck that came out.

"I have a Henry, and love it!" Rachael Stammers wrote on the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas group on Facebook.

"Saw someone do this the other day so thought I’d give it a go after having my Henry for over 3 years…"

Alongside the caption, she shared a picture of a black hosepipe soaking in a bath filled with water and Zoflora.

And while the water had been clear when the pipe was put in it, it was a dark brown colour "just after 10 minutes", Rachael added.

Facebook fans were quick to comment on the post, which attracted an impressive 1,000 likes in the hours after it was shared.

"I dread to think how bad ours is my dad had it for a few years then we have had it since and don't think it's ever been done my dad passed in 2016 and we have had it since then!!" one person wrote.

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While another added: "I've had my Henry over 10yrs and never done this – must be right minging."

And someone else commented: "I'd love to do this with my mums.. over 27 years she's had hers and never done it!"

Others were amazed that regular hose pipe cleaning isn't a regular thing, with one writing: "I do mine every 3 months.

"It's so satisfying and smells so nice when it's been done. Sad really how happy a clean hoover makes me."

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