I shaved off my baby daughter’s unibrow – I was sick of people’s rude comments but now my husband furious | The Sun

WE all think of our babies as the most perfect thing we've ever seen.

But one mum has confessed that the comments about her daughter's unibrow bothered her so much she decided to shave it off.

The anonymous woman revealed on Reddit that she 'gently' shaved her baby daughter's 'very thick' unibrow off – but now her husband has noticed he's furious.

In the post, she explained that people constantly commented on her daughter's unibrow and that it's the only thing people seem to notice.

"Literally on a daily basis, people tell me I should dress her up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween, jokingly ask if she has a caterpillar on her face, tell me dad must be really hairy, etc," the mum wrote.

She decided to shave a 'little separation' between her brows using a facial razor to combat it.


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She added that it caused no irritation to her daughter's skin so has been doing it once a week to keep the brow at bay.

But after a month of doing it, her husband finally clocked on and was furious.

He couldn't understand why she would do that to their daughter, especially without running it by him first.

He added that the ordeal will give their daughter body image issues and that there was nothing wrong with a unibrow in the first place.

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While the mum says she thinks her daughter is beautiful, she said she will continue doing it until her daughter is old enough to tell her what she wants.

He then told his wife to share their story on Reddit – assuming everyone would agree she was in the wrong.

But people online were more preoccupied with the fact the dad hadn't noticed for a month, and many said they would have followed the mum's actions.

One wrote: "… Your husband just now noticed your kid doesn't have a unibrow anymore, a month after the fact? When it's literally right on her face?"

Another commented: "Right?? How on earth did it take him a month to notice his daughter’s face?"

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A third penned: "What you're doing is harmless. Babies change, she might lose the unibrow at some point anyway. As for not "consulting" your husband, since he didn't even notice (!!), he is not really in a position to complain."

Meanwhile, a fourth said: "She's a baby. She doesn't even care if she has clothes on or not. She's not going to be at all concerned with her eyebrows. You shaved it because people were making comments that really didn't need to be made. You used appropriate tools, and clearly you haven't cut the baby."

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