I shave half my eyebrows off to get an instant face lift – trolls say I look ridiculous but I don't care, I love my look | The Sun

FROM cosmetic surgery to expensive face creams, there are a whole host of different ways to try and achieve an instant face lift.

But one beauty fan named Mar has taken a more unique approach…by shaving off half of her eyebrows.

Taking to TikTok (@heya.itsmar), she shared a video and begins: "I always shave half my eyebrows off to give myself a facelift.

"Let me show you how."

Mar then takes a razor and begins shaving off the ends of her eyebrows.

"I know that sounded pretty intense, but I'm obsessed with the whole Bella Hadid fox eye fact kind of look," she explains.


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"I usually just take off the tails of my eyebrows because they grow very downwards.

"I got an angled brush and this is like an eyebrow paint kind of thing, but I got a shade that's three shades lighter than my natural eyebrow colour."


She continues: "Go for like a shadow that's more straight.

"Don't worry if it's messy, you're going to clean it up.

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"Once you have your shape and shadow outlined, you're going to grab a dark brown liquid eyeliner up and fill it in with hair strokes."

Mar then shows off the finished look.

"This is how it should look once you draw the hairs in," she says.

"This is how they look like with my makeup fully done."

The post has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 48k views and hundreds of comments – and the bizarre beauty trick has really split opinion.

"Why oh why?" asked one.

Mar replied: "I prefer this look over the arched eyebrow."

A second commented: "Absolutely not!"

A third agreed: "Nope nope nope.. just be you and let Bella be Bella!"

Mar responded: "I prefer my eyebrow like this though so that is me being me."

Another penned: "You really thought you did something. It looks ridiculous."

Elsewhere, others were far more impressed with the beauty trick.

"I would not do it but that do look nice," admitted one.

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Another further added: "Better than face thread lift!!!!!! Good job!"

And one more chimed in: "Could never tell!"

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