I pointed out that my girlfriend's niece's name is spelt wrong and now everyone is fuming at me

CHOOSING YOUR child’s name is a difficult decision to make and one that many will put a lot of time and thought into.

You will want to make sure that the name reflects the child and is a name that the child will like.

And getting it spelt correctly is one of the things at the top of the list of things to take into consideration.

Well, it normally is…

But one man has found himself in a sticky situation when he found out that the name of his girlfriend’s niece was spelt incorrectly. 

The man took to Reddit to explain his situation and revealed that he had been dating his partner for almost 18 months, but due to the pandemic he had never actually met her family.

And when he did meet her family, he was faced with an awkward situation when he realised his girlfriend’s niece’s name.

He explained: “This past weekend we took a trip for the long weekend to visit them.

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“I got to meet my girlfriend's sister, brother-in-law and niece. 

“Her niece is called Neveah. I never heard the name and my girlfriend's sister said it is Heaven spelled backwards."

However after hearing the explanation for the five-year-old’s name, the man realised that the spelling was incorrect.

And in fact it is not actually Heaven spelt backwards, but haeven.

He continued: “Later I told my girlfriend what her sister said and at first she didn't believe me.

“The next morning she told her parents who also didn't believe me. 

“I had to type it out for them to see what I meant.

“Not only did they not know but my girlfriend's sister and BIL didn't either. 

“All of them were surprised and shocked her name isn't really heaven spelled backwards like they thought.”

But instead of being thankful to the man for pointing out the error, now his girlfriend is annoyed at him for pointing it out.

The man asked Reddit users whether he’d done the right thing and most people told him he’d done the family a big favour.

One person said: “That little girl would have went to school telling people her name is heaven backwards and would get teases the moment those kids learn to spell. You helped them out.”

Another added: “I suspect that they're angry with themselves for making the mistake, but rather than accepting the blame they're just lashing out at the one who pointed out their mistake.”

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