I needed an urgent passport for my baby so was pressured to choose her name – I hate it so much I now call her 'baby'

CHOOSING A name for your child is a massive decision and is one that you will likely spend a lot of time thinking about.

Many people take to looking in baby name books, or doing research about names before giving their child their name.

But this wasn’t the case for one mum, who has taken to mumsnet to open up about her baby name regret and to get some advice from other parents.

The mum-of-one, Nina, revealed that she chose to name her four-month-old daughter India, but she has now decided that she isn’t a fan of the name.

Nina’s husband chose the name and Nina revealed that she felt pressured into agreeing with it.

But now Nina is so upset by her daughter’s name that she is having anxiety attacks about it and can’t stop questioning herself over the decision.

Nina explained: “I would really appreciate some reassurance – my little girl is 4 months old and I really don't like her name, it doesn't resonate with me at all. 

“It was my husband's choice, and as I named our son I let him choose her name.

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“I must have liked it at some stage, as i agreed to it a year earlier if we had a girl (sadly ended in a miscarriage when 3 months pregnant) but I felt pressured into it, and he wouldn't agree to any of the names I suggested.”

Nina revealed that she needed to get an urgent passport for her daughter and so rushed into deciding her name.

She continued: “We needed an urgent birth certificate and passport, so she needed a name! 

“My parents hate it, so I'm not sure whether that has changed my opinion. 

“I am having anxiety attacks about it, and can't stop questioning myself! 

“He said we could change it in a year if I'm still unhappy, but that's too late. 


“I'm trying to call her by her name to get used to it, but keep calling her 'baby'. 

“Friends have said it's a great name, but I'm really unsure. 

“Her name is India, and I sometimes shorten it to Indie.”

The mum-of-one explained that she originally wanted to call her daughter Imogen, but changed her mind when her husband didn’t agree.

She continued: “Imogen was the name I really wanted for her, but my husband refused for some reason! 

“I didn't push it as a friend's baby was also called Imogen, although she said she didn't mind. 

“Her middle name is Rose, and while I like it as a middle name (it's pretty popular as a middle name) I'm not keen on it as her first name.

“The thought of changing it also makes me feel incredibly anxious, almost a bit sad. 

“I do call her Indie, but that doesn't sit that well with me either.”

Many mumsnet users took to the comments to reassure the mum and express their thoughts on her child’s name.

One person said: “I think it's a nice name, and quite popular these days so she won't stick out – yet still with that nice balance of unusual. It's just the sort of name our parents' generation would hate too, so nothing strange about your parents' reaction. Very rude of them to comment at all, tbh. Indie is a lovely name.” 

Another added: “I think it's lovely! Unusual enough to be interesting, not so out-there that people are going to be raising eyebrows or mispronouncing it. My parents would probably balk if I suggested it to them, but I think it's a generational thing, and I guarantee they'll come round to it as she grows into it.” 

A third commented: “Gorgeous name. Can you give her a nickname and use that, or use her middle name?”

Meanwhile, I want to give my twins strange names but my in-laws are furious – am I being too stubborn?

Also, teachers share the kids’ names which are instant red flags… and the ones they KNOW are going to be trouble.

As well as this, I decided my baby’s name before I was even pregnant – I’m due in a few weeks & now I’m worried she‘ll be bullied for it.

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