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A SAVVY model told how she saves and invests all the cash she makes from teasing men online.

Tosh, from Glasgow, appears on webcams and TV chat stations as well as having an OnlyFans page.

But she revealed she refuses to go too far and prefers to tease punters rather than being overly explicit.

And she confessed she hates the thought of blowing the money she’s raked in on flashy stuff like cars.

Instead she’s put the money aside and kickstarted what’s become a booming business empire.

The mum now runs two thriving companies alongside her x-rated work.

Talking to Sean McDonald’s Blethered podcast, she said: “I’m good at saving money and investing it. I don’t squander money.

“That’s what I like doing. I don’t spend the money I make from when I work online or I do whatever.

“A lot of people would maybe just squander it and spend it on stuff, big things and whatever.

“I save and I put it into something and I watch that grow.”

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Tosh started earning cash chatting on sex lines when she was about 19 or 20 to try and escape an abusive boyfriend.

That led to her working on webcams before she graduated to online x-rated channel Studio 66.

But she lifted the lid on how the channels work and revealed that during the day all the conversation has to be totally clean.

She said: “People don’t realise. You can’t speak dirty during the day at all. Until 9pm or 10pm.

“Even though  no one can hear except the caller you’re not allowed. If another channel phoned in and listened in they would report you.”

Tosh revealed she was one of the first to start an OnlyFans page way back before the site exploded in popularity.

She closed it down and has since returned but confessed she has limits on what she will post for punters.

Tosh said: “I’ve never really had to be that. My thing mostly is I like to tease. I’m good at that. “I’ve always done that and people enjoy that.

“People are doing a lot more explicit content. A lot of their prices are low. Good for you if you're making good money from that.”

Tosh has used the cash she’s made over the years to start a thriving meal prep business and an events firm.

She said: “I do weddings.It’s so stressful. I just like branching out. I like doing a bit of everything.”

Tosh said she’s seen all sorts of things during her years in the adult entertainment business.

She urged young wannabes to be careful and be prepared for hard graft if they want to follow in her footsteps.

She said: “I know young people just think it’s easy money and they jump in and instantly regret it.

“I would never say ‘no don’t’. I would just say expect to work hard. It does look like easy money.

“It’s not all glam. I’m desensitised to a lot of stuff now.

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“And just be prepared for it. Stuff will be out there. You shouldn’t ever regret. Just beware.”

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