I made £700 in two hours just by shopping in Aldi – it's so easy, anyone can do it if you follow these steps | The Sun

A MAN has revealed the easy way that he made a whopping £700 in just two hours after shopping in Aldi.

He took to TikTok, posting under the username @aftermarketarbitrage, to explain that he spotted that Aldi were selling Silentnight electric blankets for just £24.99 each.

But when he looked on Amazon, he confirmed that he saw that they were being sold for £72 each.

As a result, the man went shopping in a variety of different Aldi stores, in hunt for more of the bargain buy blankets.

The man, who claims to be the UK’s number one for Amazon FBA and earning money online, revealed that he cleared the shelves of the blankets.

He explained that he managed to pick up 21 blankets for just £24.99 each, but then sold them online for £72 each, making him a hefty profit.

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He shared his clip to the video sharing platform with the caption ‘How I made £700 in 2 hours!⏰?’ and explained: “Last week I went into Aldi and saw these blankets at £25.

“I went into another Aldi but couldn’t find any, but it’s so important to not give up because I found more in the next Aldi.

“I then carried on and found even more.

“I bought every single one I could and then at the last Aldi I found a gold mine.

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“I bought 21 of these for £25 each.

“Last week they were selling on Amazon for £72, which gave me £32 of profit per unit after fees.

“Times that by 25.” 

He later noted that the blankets sold within just one day online. 

The man’s video has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 4.6million views.

It has 229.8k likes, 2,711 comments and 4,947 shares.

However, many social media users were shocked that the man would buy every single available heated blanket and sell them for a higher price, particularly during a cost-of-living crisis. 

One person said: “Dropshippers when they take affordable things away from people who may be struggling with money and sell them for twice the price online.”

Another sarcastically added: “Very good look in a cost of living crisis.”

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A third commented: “Buying up all the electric blankets to sell them at a profit during a cost of living crisis when people can’t afford heating.”

Whilst another user noted: “So this is why I couldn't find any of these blankets.”

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