I love dressing my baby up in glam outfits, people say it’s child abuse but she can dress herself when she’s older

SHE’S got 230,000 followers who flock to her social media every day to see her daring new lewk.

But while most influencers would spend hours putting together the perfect ‘fit, Ryah has somebody who does all of that for her, a personal stylist in the form of her mum.

Esberica Wilson, 27, has been dressing up her one-year-old daughter since she left the womb, with signature bow first making an appearance on her TikTok account when Ryah was just a few weeks old.

But for every fan that Ryah has, there are just as many who are ready to criticise Esberica with the stay-at-home mum facing accusations of child abuse daily.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Esberica, who also lives with husband Scott, 37, and son Amari, 5, explains: “I try not to look at my comments too much because there’s so much hate.

“It amazes me that people get so angry at me for dressing her nicely – other than her fancy outfits she is like any other kid.

“But people have accused me of exploiting her for TikTok followers and some have even compared dressing her up to child abuse!”

Esberica, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, says she can’t quite put her finger on what it is that riles her haters up so much, but many express concerns about Ryah’s comfort.

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She says: “I’m her mum and I know when she’s uncomfortable, if she’s uncomfortable believe me she will let me know.

“I would never do anything my child wouldn’t like and if she is ever unhappy or doesn’t want to take a photo then her outfit can come off and we just won’t take pictures that day.

“People seem to especially have an issue with her bows but I want her to be different and unique.”

Esberica, who grew up in Haiti, says that her love for dressing up her daughter came from her own early introduction to fashion. 

She says: “When I was growing up, my mum dressed me in a very similar way and it didn’t impact me in the slightest.

“My mum loved doing my hair and I loved her doing my hair, we would dress up together in the same colour scheme and I always loved that and wanted to have the same experience with my daughter. 

“It’s a great way for us to bond, at least I hope she feels like that and doesn’t hate me!”

The main difference, of course, is that unlike her own mum, Esberica shares her daughter’s outfits with millions of TikTok users around the world.

“I started posting a couple of her outfits here and there last summer,” she says, “I did it because I wanted to inspire other mums.

“I always love to dress her up rather than just putting her in a onesie or standard baby clothes – I just want Ryah to be a little bit more stylish and have fun with it.

These clothes are all designed for babies to wear – so why wouldn’t I dress my baby girl in them?

“I never expected my account to blow up in the way it did”

Videos of Ryah’s outfits now amass an average of 40,000 views each – and it’s not just the tot’s following that has grown, but her wardrobe too.

Esberica says: “Ryah has her own wardrobe dedicated to all of her outfits – I have organised it into different sections.

“For example there’s a section for her going out clothes and another for leisure wear to be worn while playing in the house.

“If we’re going out I go all out and I dress her up – people seem to think that’s really expensive but it’s really not.

“I buy clothes from H&M Shein and Fashion Nova, anywhere that I can find unique pieces that I can put together myself. 

“They might be a little bit more cutting edge than your average sleepsuit but these clothes are all designed for babies to wear – so why wouldn’t I dress my baby girl in them?

“I buy different sizes depending on how I want the clothes to fit on her, whether that’s an oversize look or slightly more fitted. 

“The larger clothes save me more money as she will be able to wear them for longer.”

While Esberica takes joy in dressing her daughter up, she is fully prepared to accept that one day she might want to find her own style.

“I want her to express herself, I dress her now because she can’t really speak for herself,” she explains.

“But if she comes to me and tells me that she doesn’t like the clothes I am dressing her in one day then that’s fine. 

“I want her to respect herself and have her own style and be creative.

“I don’t want to live through her.”

And sales manager Scott is just as happy to support his wife’s hobby.

He says: “I love that my wife and daughter have this quality time together and it’s lovely to see them bonding and forming this beautiful relationship.

“It’s not my thing, but I love it and she’s obviously so cute and I love having pictures to put on my desk.”

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