I live in an old Ford van I transformed into a mini house in 42 days – it’s so cheap and easy, it’s saved me loads | The Sun

A SAVVY woman has been flooded with praise after revealing how she transformed a van into a stunning bohemian-style tiny home.

Brenda has been living with her beloved travel companion pet dog Ranger in her self-converted 2012 Ford E-350 which she's affectionally named 'Copper. '

And perhaps most impressively, she did the entire conversion in just 42 days – all thanks to a helping hand from her dad.

In a clip shared to YouTube's TinyHomeTours, she begins by showing off the clever pocket door that helps to separate the cab area of the van from the rest of her tiny home.

"For safety, I have a fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector and my fire extinguisher is hidden behind the curtain," Brenda explains.

"I use this table as my office because I work a traditional 9-5 job so I just sit in the hammock and have my little desk set up there."


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Next, Brenda shares the basket where she keeps all of her toiletries.

"I just take it out when I need to use it morning and night," she explains.

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"I did try and incorporate as much copper into the van as possible because I named it 'Copper' after my favourite dog character from the Fox and the Hound.

"I went literal with copper in the knobs and curtain rod."

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The DIY guru goes onto note how she stores all of her groceries away in one of the many cupboards, while she slides at least seven pairs of shoes underneath the passenger seat to maximise storage.

Moving into the kitchen, she explains: "This is a unique factor in my van.

"I heard having the L-shaped kitchen is a bit rare. I decided to put the sink in the corner just to make the most of the countertop space so I have two cooking or bathroom surfaces.

"I do have a toaster oven here which is 110 vault so it does take up a lot of power.

"I only use it in the day time but I can warm up leftovers, bake toast, bagels…"

Brenda then goes on to explain how the portable toilet lives directly underneath the toaster oven.

"I just have a standard camping, RV-type toilet," she explains.

As for the kitchen tap, she continues: "I did choose to go with a big faucet which has the extendable arm.

"It also rotates out and I can use it outside for a shower or a dog wash."

And when it comes to sleeping arrangements, she's thought of everything – including having a space for her dog Ranger under her bed.

"We did make a custom home for Ranger own the hallway here," she says.

"And I realised while I can sleep sideways in the van comfortably on the weekends, I really do like to stretch out like in a Superman pose so I decided to extend the bed out.

"We have a little plank under the bed so I can pop a pillow here and sleep longways if I want to."

The video has since been inundated with comments – with many people quick to commend Brenda on her handiwork.

"I have to say, I have seen an enormous amount of vans. I have never seen a more meticulously, tastefully, and refined van anywhere. It is absolutely beautiful my praise to you and your dad. Phenomenal!!!!" praised one.

A second enthused: "Brenda is a delightful person, and Ranger is adorable! I absolutely love the L-shaped kitchen counter!

It makes the whole space seem larger. Such a comfortable home!"

A third penned: "This is one of the most ingenious designed vans. I've been watching a lot of these (a LOT), and not only does it have some ingenious features, it's also very pretty inside with architectural and interior design features I've never seen in a van build before.

Hats off to you and your Dad on a fantastic job."

Another commented: "I’ve seen hundreds of van conversion videos, and this is hands down the best conversion I’ve seen.

"To successfully combine function and a home-like feeling is difficult, but Brenda absolutely did it! Awesome build!!!"

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A further added: "What a lovely little home you and your dad have created."

And one more chimed in: "Minimalist but super cosy. Love it!"

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