I listened to everyone going crazy over brow lamination…it was a mistake, people can't believe a professional did mine

OVER the years, TikTok has become the place where many trends take off – and amongst these is eyebrow lamination.

After having seen a stream of videos of fellow beauty lovers getting their brows laminated, the TikTok user Jenn, who uses the handle @bubble_heart, decided to give the viral trend a go.

''I figured I definitely want to try that,'' the TV producer started off the clip, which has racked up a staggering 1.1 million views on the social media giant.

''So I went, got them done…It's not good.

''I look like Bert and Ernie – and this is after I asked her to cut them,'' said the single mum, explaining that initially the brows covered even more of her forehead.


''I look like a monst…Look, look at this!

''What is going on?'' Jenn was left in disbelief.

She then urged others to not listen to TikTok: ''Brow lamination is not the way to go.

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''I look permanently angry and lopsided and confused,'' she said before revealing she had even attempted to wash them off – but to no avail.

''Please send help, any and all recommendations are welcomed.''

Viewers were left in stiches, with one writing: ''I wanted to say something like “it’s not that bad. You’ll be okay.”

''But that would all be lies. It’s real bad.''

''Star trek would be proud,'' commented someone who thought there was a striking resemblance between Jenn's new look and the Star Trek's fictional character, Spock's, signature brows.

Another user couldn't figure out how a professional had let this happen, writing: ''It makes me wonder what their thought process is to think this is acceptable.''

A person was glad she had shared the beauty blunder and wrote: ''Thank you for sharing it so that we don't make the same mistake!''

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