I let my kids swear even though it annoys other parents, but there’s one phrase they’re never allowed to say

THEY'RE allowed to drop F-bombs "in context" and can even swear if they feel like "s**t", but there's one word this mum has banned in her home entirely.

Emily took to TikTok to respond to someone who asked if her kids are allowed to cuss, as she explained: "Are my kids allowed to cuss? Let’s see.

"If my daughter stubs her toe, and drops an F-bomb, I don’t care. If she yells out “F**k” in frustration when I ask her to do something then I care.

"If she tells me she feels like s**t on a day that she’s really sick, I don’t care.

"If she tells me the meal I just cooked for her tastes like s**t then I care."

Likewise, if her daughter told her that the coronavirus was "stupid", she wouldn't care – but if she used the same word to describe her sister, there would be consequences.

"It’s very contextual, it’s very subjective and I kind of play it by ear," she explained.

But there's one phrase that Emily won't tolerate being used in her house.



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"There’s only one phrase that we treat as a cuss word with no room for context, no wiggle room at all, and that’s the phrase 'I told you so'," she said.

"Always a cuss word in this house." 

In the comments section on the video, one person asked whether or not "slurs are treated as off limits".

To which Emily replied: "100% so out of the question, that I didn’t even consider it here. But yes absolutely."

Others praised Emily for her tolerance of swearing in certain situations, with one writing: "Yes! It’s not the word choice it’s the intent to hurt someone."

"We phrase it as our #1 rule is do no harm. That includes our words," another added.

"We are the same way," a third person wrote. "We give them a chance to learn & respect where/when it can/can’t be used.

"Never once had an issue with misuse at school etc."

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