I haven’t washed my hair for 13 days & it looks better than ever – everyone asks me how but it’s all about the training | The Sun

SHE went from washing her hair every two days to washing it every 14 days.

And Brittany Miller is always asked how she manages to keep her hair looking better than ever for up to two weeks after shampooing.

She took to her TikTok page to share a look at her locks on "day 13 of no wash", as she boasted: "I’ve trained my hair so well."

People in the comments section were quick to bombard Brittany with questions about how she managed to train her hair.

And she responded in another video, as she explained: "To make your hair last as long as possible until your next wash, you need to just stop washing it.

"You need to go through a greasy phase and then just stop washing it so your hair gets used to being washed less and less."

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She added that she started her training process around a year ago, and now can go a fortnight without washing it.

"Right now it’s day 13 of no wash and I can feel slight grease, but it’s not noticeable," she said.

Brittany also revealed that the reason she started the training process was to "make my hair colour last as long as possible".

"It’s actually better for your hair to be washed as little as possible," she continued.

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"So my advice to you guys is just to stop washing it, leave it as long as possible – say start with like four days, or five days, and then wash it – and then gradually just become less and less.

"That’s all you have to do."

And while Brittany uses some dry shampoo "here and there", she added that she tries not to use it too often as it can "give you dandruff".

"OMG! One thing I forgot to mention – NEVER put conditioner on your roots! Always just the ends," she added in a pinned comment on the video.

"How long does training take?" someone else asked.

"I’ve done this for a year and still need to wash it twice a week otherwise you can fry an egg on my hair."

While Brittany has yet to respond to the comment, another person answered, replying: "Doesn’t work for everyone!

"Tried training mine for 2 years during covid, no difference."

"I’d loveee to be able to go this long but jheeeze the itch because of the grease – feel like one of the witches from Roald Dahl," another added.

"What about after workouts?" someone else asked.

"I workout 5 times a week and my head gets really sweaty. Would love to do this but I don’t think I could?"

"You should try hairdrying it after the gym maybe with some dry shampoo but it does work on occasion!" another woman replied.

"I definitely couldn't last 13 days though!"

Another comment read: "I trained my hair during lockdown.

"It’s the best thing. I can go for about 8-9 days. I need to try extending it!"

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"True! Weather also helps!" someone else wrote.

"I live in Dubai so hot here in winter I wash once every 7 days."

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