I have 32A boobs – I swear by wearing bikinis upside down, and hairspray’s my best friend | The Sun

A STUDENT with 32A boobs has revealed her ingenious hacks to create the illusion of a bigger cleavage in outfits.

Mercedes Valentine, 22, always had a small chest but dropped even more bra sizes after entering the fitness industry. 

After wishing for larger breasts when she was a teenager, she trialled dozens of different methods to achieve her ideal look.

Now she can appear to have a C-cup despite never having surgery.

The influencer and neuroscience student says: “Being an athlete means I have no chance in the boob department, all mine do is shrink.

“I’ve gone down from a 32C to a 32A in the last few years. 

“So I’ve had to get creative in making my boobs look bigger.

“Of course I have the usual Victoria’s Secret double push up bras and things like that.

“What I also do is contour my boobs/chest, so I’ll get my face contour and essentially paint a cleavage on my chest.

“It works really well to give the illusion that there is more boob than there really is.

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“Or you can go old school 1800s and wear bustier/corset type tops, which push your boobs out the top to make them look plumper. 

“This also works with buying tops that are a size too small as it makes the boobs bigger. Also wearing a bra that’s a size too small works.”

Mercedes adds: “Double sided sticky tape, hairspray and body glue is also useful for sticking your boobs to the side of a top or bra to pull them up and make them look bigger 

“Even with push up bras, sometimes I feel they don’t do enough pushing, so you can put anything you have handy in there, I use socks or pants, to create extra padding to create cleavage.

“It works well as a storage unit if you need another pair of pants when you’re out.

“Wearing bikini tops upside down is also a hack for making small boobs look bigger, I do that one a lot.”

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