I got too much lip filler so I got them dissolved – they got worse before they got better, people say I look ‘scary’ | The Sun

A BIG-LIPPED woman has attempted to deflate her face, but things didn't go well.

The frustrated TikToker showed viewers what she looked like before and after she dissolved her lip filler, and people were scared.

In a recent video, Jessica Burko (@jessicacaileyburko) shared her "cosmetic nightmare."

Disappointed and swollen, Jessica faced the mirror with her overly-done lips.

She said: "Well, guys, I am on the way back to go get these dissolved."

Her plump mouth was bright red and jetted out in an unnatural way.

When Jessica spoke, her face and lips barely moved.

"I'm not ready for that because that's just going to hurt really bad," she admitted.

The nervous woman switched the video to show her in the car on the way back.

She poked at her puffy cheek. "It got worse, but I feel like it's bout to get worser," the background sound sang.

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Her lips were still just as big and just as pigmented pink.

Jessica seemed to have blisters on top of them.

She clarified the situation and wrote: "Everyone. I went in for one syringe, and he hit a vein or something inside my lip, causing it to swell. We dissolved it after, and I went back to normal."

Over 1,704 viewers rushed to the comments to share their opinion.

"I’m shocked to see what the world is doing for beauty. This is so scary," one honest woman admitted.

Another viewer said: "Y’all gonna learn to leave ya faces alone."

"This is why I would never get surgery on my face. Even if they did come out good, I would eventually get tired of it and want my old face back," a woman noted.

A sweet individual remarked: "You're so pretty without all that. Leave yourself alone. Nothing can compare to your natural beauty."

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