I got my supermarket rewards card tattooed on my arm as a joke but it actually works and save me time at the check out

SUPERMARKETS can be busy and stressful.

Queuing for what feels like forever just for a carton of milk is the stuff of nightmares.

But this Australian shopper's hack makes checking out a breeze.

Ralph Rivera posted a video of him using the self check out at Woolworths, and it went viral for an unexpected reason.

The keen shopper can be seen to purchase a bottle of sprite in the video, but wanting to cash in his points from the purchases uses his rewards card.

Except he's had the card permanently inked onto his arm.

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The tattoo amazingly worked when it was scanned, the machine announced: "Your Everyday Rewards Card has been added."

Ralph exclaimed: "Ah see!" To his friend who looked on impressed.

While it may not be the most visually stunning tattoo of all time, it certainly is practical.

Never again will Ralph have to root through his pockets in a rush to find his hands rewards card when he wants to grab drink in a hurry.

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Viewers of the video were pretty impressed with the ink: "Wait this is genius."

Another joked: "Could've at least put the tattoo in a place that doesn't dislocate your arm to use it."

Nando's Australia were impressed with the ink too: "We need this with our PERi-Perks barcode!"

One shopper had some bad news for Ralph: "Too bad the reward card numbers change every few years."

Some viewers thought there were easier ways to not lose your card.

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"I have an Apple watch but I suppose this works too," one said.

A seconded quipped: "I store mine on an app on my phone, I think it's a little easier!"

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