I got married in December but I’m already getting divorced – my husband ruined our wedding and I’ll never forgive him

A WOMAN who got married in December has revealed that she’s already planning her divorce after her husband ruined their wedding.

The new wife wrote to Slate’s advice column, Dear Prudence where she asked for advice following her disastrous nuptials.

In her letter, she wrote: “I got married just before Christmas and am hoping to be divorced or annulled by the end of January. Obviously, that wasn’t the plan originally.”

She went on to explain that she had never cared about getting married but had decided to go for it when her boyfriend proposed in 2020.

The bride explained that she had just one request of her husband on their wedding day – not to rub cake in her face at the reception.

She continued: “Being a reasonable man who knows me well, he didn’t. Instead, he grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved my head down into it. 

“It was planned since the cake was DESTROYED, and he had a bunch of cupcakes as backup.”

Following the incident the bride immediately left, telling her husband that the relationship was over, but following the wedding she has been urged by friends and family to give him a second chance.

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She continued: “(They say) that I am overreacting because of my issues (I am VERY claustrophobic after a car accident years ago, and I absolutely panicked at being shoved into a cake and held there). 

“That I love him (even though right now I don’t feel that at all), he loves me, and that means not giving up at the first hurdle. I don’t want to, but everyone is so united and confident in their assurance I am making a terrible mistake that I wonder if they are right.”

The in-house agony aunt Jenée Desmond-Harris was quick to offer advice to the desperate bride.

She pointed out that she and she alone will be the one who will “have to wake up every day with a man whose behavior massively turns them off.”

She advised taking a mental note of those who don’t “value her happiness” and pursue the divorce.

Her letter has been shared on Reddit where users were left equally shocked by the husband’s behaviour.

One wrote: “Screw those telling her that she's overreacting. They're invalidating her feelings.”

“I would walk away too,” added another, while a third wrote, “Why would anyone want to be married to anyone who would violate your trust?”



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