I got dress coded at work – I'm convinced my jobs hate my 'natural' body | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared that she got dress coded at work despite not breaking any rules, claiming that all of the jobs she's had hate her "natural" body.

The video was shared by user ShiAngelzWorld, who showed off her outfit and looked perplexed at the camera. 

The video is set to a funny song and shows her looking straight at the camera.

“Got dress coded at work,” reads the text over the footage. 

She leaves the phone propped up and walks away, showing off her outfit and the fact that there's practically no skin visible. 

She’s wearing a black outfit made out of combat boots, pants, and a long-sleeved black top. 

On top, she has a pink tank top, which was the excuse her bosses used to dress code her. 

In the comments section, she explained a bit of her story. 

“Guess what got me coded,” she wrote. 

Her followers were shocked by her story and couldn’t find anything wrong with her clothes.

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“The crop?” wrote someone. 

“How?” wrote someone else. 

“Cause I was wearing pink… I can’t make this s**t up,” she wrote.

One of her followers wrote: “They just dress-coding natural bodies now?” 

“Every job I've ever had has,” she replied. 

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