I got dress-coded at university – my class all got in trouble and people are mad at my attitude | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has shared the reason why she was dress-coded in school and how her class all got in trouble as a result.

The private university student documented the experience in a viral video that had people online mad at her nonchalant attitude.

International student Gina-Maria Van Schwartenzburg (@ginamariavan) shares her crazy life in France online.

Apparently, she has been trying to get dress-coded by her school for a while.

In a TikTok video, she shared how the moment finally happened and the unexpected fallout.

Many people in her class also received the same warning due to her actions and attire.

The video began with the content creator visible from the chest up.

"So, for the ones who don't know, I've been trying to get dress-coded from my university the last few months and today was the day when finally a teacher said something," she said.

The school apparently has a uniform policy that the blonde beauty was more than happy to break.

Van Schwartenzburg wore a cream-colored turtleneck under a fashionable black pants suit that was against school policy.

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The outfit was not scandalous but rather classy and stylish in nature.

"I was wearing a black suit, not the blue one. I was not wearing my scarf. I was not wearing a blouse. So, I was literally not wearing my uniform," she added.

Her indiscretion also got the other half of the class dress-coded for minor outfit discrepancies.

"They warned us that if we don't wear the uniforms by tomorrow, we won't get into the class," she explained as the video came to a close.

Many people were not on board with her actions and made that apparent in the comments.

"Why would you try to get dress-coded? You signed up with the uni, so follow the rules," one viewer commented.

"Aren’t you an adult? Why are you playing games at university? What’s the point?" another chimed in.

"What's the point of this? Purposely breaking the dress code for what reason? What did you gain? What did you expect to happen?" another person inquired.

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