I get so many compliments about my lip gloss… I love people’s reaction when I say where it’s from | The Sun

A YOUNG woman who loves when people ask her where her lip gloss is from has revealed she makes it at home – but people are so confused by the concoction.

Pink-obsessed Kaliya said she gets “so many compliments” when she wears her three-ingredient balm. 

It is made of Vaseline, pink food colouring and glitter, and stored in the original Vaseline's pot. 

She has also produced a “new and improved” version which includes chunky diamantes, face highlighter, water flavouring and vanilla extract. 

People compared the homemade lip gloss to a make-pretend “potion” they would have created as a child. 

One penned: “This feels like someone I would have done when I was six alone in my room.”

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However, Kaliya loves people’s reactions and is always keen to spill all when asked what product she is wearing on her lips.

She hopes to professionally produce her own lip glosses soon. 

The content creator has shared five videos about making her lip gloss on Tik Tok which have raised lots of eyebrows.

In one video, Kaliya revealed that she is “constantly spitting out mini glitter plastic chunks”.

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Viewers advised she tried edible glitter as it would be both better for her health and the environment.

People also questioned why she was using food colouring when the Vaseline used for the lip glosses was already pink.

One quizzed: “The rosy lips Vaseline is already pink tinted, I have it. 

“Why add food colouring?”

A second echoed: “The rose Vaseline is pink tinted and smells like roses so you don’t have to use food colouring bestie.”

However, other commenters jumped to Kaliya’s defence that using food colouring would help intensify the colour of the gloss. 

Some were concerned about the lip gloss fanatic consuming microplastics which could impact her health through the homemade concoction. 

One warned: “If you actually use that, you will be consuming a lot of microplastics.”

Another penned: “Vaseline with food colouring is alright, but why the glitter?”

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One of her lip gloss making videos has amassed almost ten million views, with a whopping 2,800 people flocking to the comments while one million liked the video.

In other videos, she records herself bedazzling her Vaseline pots with gems and diamantes.

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