I get all my food by skip diving, trolls say they’d never want to eat at my house but jokes on them – I’m saving loads | The Sun

A CANADIAN nurse has gone viral on social media after revealing how she dives deep into trash to find food.

With inflation now hitting 6.2 per cent and squeezing family budgets, most people are forced to look for ways to spend less – whether that means ditching your daily coffee at Starbucks or finding a cheaper Primark dupe.

But despite having less money and higher expenses than ever, people all around the world continue to bin food, with Brits throwing away a fifth of their grocery shopping.

The ever-growing food waste is a common issue that doesn't sit well with Jillian, a 29-year-old travel nurse, who's decided to take matters in her own hands.

''When people see that I'm a travel nurse, they realise that I have a perfectly good income, I can afford my own groceries.''

But to her, as she explained in a video on TikTok, it ''comes down to the morality of it all''.

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''Consumerism, food waste etc is something I have been passionate about […] kinda my whole life on and off.''

Although Julian has tried several ways to combat the problem, such as going zero waste, her new project is dumpster diving.

''It doesn't seem right to go and buy new food if there is perfectly good food, unspoiled in the dumpster just waiting for me,'' she said, adding that it's also ''fun'' at times.

''When I do find something, it's exciting.''

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The woman, from Vancouver, Canada, regularly takes it to social media to share her journey and the food treasure she's managed to find in the dumpster.

The self-subbed 'Human Raccoon' recently went viral after sharing footage of her rummaging through trash to find food.

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The clip, which has taken the internet by storm, racking up more than a whopping 4.4 million views, the nurse could be leaning over a huge blue dumpster before performing some impressive acrobatics and diving in.

Cutting up some lime and oranges, the nurse said: ''Since I've started dumpster diving, I actually think I eat healthier than I did before.

Because for the most she comes across fruit that is ''a tiny bit too ripe for purchasers'', Jillian now drinks a fresh smoothie almost every day.

''Maybe there's a bruise or two, but it's great frozen in a smoothie,'' she revealed.

To go along with the refreshing and zesty drink, Jillian also baked a cauliflower base pizza, which she had found in trash still cold.

''It was delicious,'' she described the meal, for which she had paid almost nothing – apart from the little splash of oat milk and protein powder to go along with the fruit smoothie.

But although Jillian believes her mum ''would be so proud'', not everyone was a fan of her food finding methods.

One critic commented: ''And this is why I DONT EAT AT EVERYONES HOUSE DAYUM [sic].''

Another added that it wasn't necessarily too sanitary either: ''It's the fact it's from a bin… rats and all sorts are in there.''

However, whilst others wondered if this was some ''joke'', there were plenty of those who took the nurse's side, like this viewer: ''I work at a grocery store and we honestly throw stuff that's not even expired or bad.

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''so I mean I honestly don't see anything wrong with this. go you!''

A second agreed, writing: ''ALSO once you work at a grocery store, your jaw drops at the POUNDS of fresh food they throw away. Need to see to believe.''

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