I garden in my bikini – I know it scars my neighbors but still do it every week | The Sun

A WOMAN'S skimpy gardening outfit has alarmed her neighbors.

Bikinis are not usually considered typical attire when weeding flower beds, but they are for this lady.

She has discovered this weekly exercise entertains her, but not necessarily her neighbors.

Their dismay has amused Emmie (@gossip_gorl_).

All she can manage is a cheeky smile at their discomfort.

This young lady has over 22,000 followers and another 161,000 likes.

Her platform dips into episodes from her life, that are both serious and light-hearted.

This post, however, definitely veered into the humorous side of things.

The sun was blasting down and Emmie was lying on a brightly colored towel in her garden.

She wore a simple black bikini and a mischievous grin was spread across her face.

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“It’s that time of the week to garden in my bikini and scar the Mormon neighbors," she wrote.

This provoked a response in the comments to her post, which said: “They’re going to put you on their list to baptize you when you die.”

But Emmie was ready for this. “Much needed," she teased.

Other commenters wished they could have someone like her living next door.

“Would love you as my neighbor," and “You can be my neighbor anytime," were typical of other comments.

But the final comment begged for more.

“I’m a Mormon, can you scar me please."

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