I found my iPhone TEN years after it went missing…my husband heard weird noises coming from our toilet

THERE’S NOTHING better than finding something you thought you had lost. 

Whether it’s a bit of cash in your pocket or the TV remote down the side of the sofa, we all know that feeling of relief.

But one couple found something a little bit different, after having lost it ten years prior. 

Ten years ago, Becki Beckmann, based in the US state Maryland, lost her iPhone in 2012, on the night of Halloween.

Becki couldn’t find the phone anywhere, so bought a new one, as you do if it’s nowhere to be seen.

But Becki was extremely confused when she lost the phone as she hadn’t been out anywhere where it could have been stolen.

In a post to Facebook, Becki recalled how she “replaced it, moved on, whatever”.

She said: “It was mysterious but it was gone.”

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But now, ten years later, a toilet issue this week ended up solving the bizarre decade-long mystery.

Becki said the couple started to hear a “banging sound” when they flushed the toilet. 

She explained: “Initially we blamed it on the toilet being old or the house construction being terrible.”

But her husband became agitated, so eventually decided he would “plunge the f**k out of it”.

But after a while of plunging, Becki’s husband was in complete shock at what he found.

Becki explained that her husband came running outside to tell her she “wouldn’t believe what he found in our toilet”.


He had found the lost iPhone from deep within the toilet’s pipes.

Images shared by the couple see the device with its backing popped open, as clearly after ten years it’s been through some hardship. 

Becki added: “This was so, so far from what I was expecting.” 

Becki’s post received almost 700 comments, with many people in complete shock at the discovery of the phone.

One person said: “Now how come my glass screen breaks when I even so much as look at it funny but you can literally sh*t on yours for years and it’s perfect?”

Another added: “There’s no way it was stuck in your toilet for 10 years and never caused an issue until it started making a sound.”

A third commented: “How have y’all not had any clogging? My townhouse gets one baby wipe in its pipe and I get all the neighbours sh*t in my laundry room.” 

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