I found Christmas presents my husband bought me – I opened them & hate every single one, it’s just expensive tat | The Sun

CHRISTMAS is known as the season for giving and spreading joy.

And even if you aren't a fan of what you receive you're usually expected to smile and be grateful anyway.

One woman found the Christmas presents her husband bought her and decided to sneak a peek.

But her decision may have backfired as she opened the box to find she hated every single item inside.

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman asked for advice on how to confess she looked through the gifts and how to tell her husband she hated the 'expensive tat' he bought her.

She explained that her husband had taken her daughter out and was using the time alone to clean the house when she stumbled across the box from her favourite shop.


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The mum said: "I realised it was my Xmas gifts and still chose to open it while no one was in. The website isn’t designer or majorly expensive, but not cheap either.

"The box contains nothing I like at all. The site sells different brands (think retro) and I’ve never heard of a few of them in the box. A few others are completely inappropriate (think allergies to cosmetics).

I feel so so mean literally not liking any of it. He has spent I would say at least £150 on a load of expensive tat. I wouldn’t wear or use any of it."

The mum wrote that her partner does try to get it right but added: "I’m also feeling a bit down that he really hasn’t got a clue – and probably never will."

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Plenty of Mumsnet users took to the comments section to share their thoughts and advise the woman on what to do next.

Many claimed she was 'ungrateful' and should grin and bear the gifts and not own up to opening the box.

One wrote: "He's been THAT organised? He has looked ahead and got you things before they go out of stock and ordered in plenty of time to dodge the postal strikes. You do sound rather ungrateful…. and cheeky too. You shouldn't have opened it! That's shabby behaviour."

A second commented: "Christ the poor man can’t win, why don’t you just bloody tell him what you want so he doesn’t need to jump through these hoops."

A third suggested: "You're already getting a holiday, anything else it's a bonus. Why are you moaning?"

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I think he tried. Maybe on the day, slap a smile on your face and be nice about it instead."

A fifth said: "Suck it up this year and then see if you can return them after Xmas or stay quiet and put a £20 limit on tiny surprises next year with the rest bought from a list, which is what we do. You can’t own up to opening the box.

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