I flew to Turkey to spruce up my smile… trolls reckon I look like a Katie Price wannabe, but I'm in love with my teeth | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has been dubbed a Katie Price wannabe after getting new gnashers in Turkey.

Turkey – one of the hottest destinations for those looking to change their appearance on the cheap and also the birthplace of the notorious phenomenon known as Turkey Teeth.

The sunny Middle Eastern country has seen a huge spike in Britons wanting to fix their smile, and amongst them was also Hollie Elizabeth (@hollelizabethh3).

The blonde stunner was so pleased with the results, she took to TikTok to show off her new pearly whites – however, the reaction online was not the one she was after.

According to Hollie, she had forked out for composite bonding, which is thought to be a relatively quick way to filling chips and gaps between gnashers.

Hollie shared the Before and After to her almost 38k fans on the platform, claiming she was totally over the moon with how they had turned out.

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''I am in love with the result,'' the young woman said in the clip whilst flashing the bright teeth.

Explaining more to her fans, Hollie said that she was charged around £130 per tooth and also needed other services, such as teeth whitening and professional cleaning and polishing.

''You're offered an anesthetic but I said no. So I didn't have any painkillers at all,'' the woman said, adding that the overall process took around eight hours.

But despite being in love with the smile, social media users were divided about the outcome – and trolls brutally slammed the young woman.

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One wrote: ''So many people going for the Katie Price Z lister look in 2023.''

''Simon Cowell,'' another compared Hollie to the entertainment mogul.

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Someone else couldn't understand why she had done it in the first place, saying: ''They look amazing but your teeth were already fab.''

The so-called Turkey Teeth has become one of the most sought-after dental procedures in the world – but how much do we really know about this trend?

One bloke, better known as YouTuber Jrizzy Jeremy, documented the ins and outs of the experience on TikTok.

Once he had arrived at the clinic, based in Antalya, the southern part of the country, Jrizzy was taken to the presentation room, where he was able to pick the teeth he liked the most.

Before being able to move on with the procedure, he revealed, the dentists had a thorough examination of his natural gnashers.

In the video, Jrizzy explained that after this, the staff members at the clinic numbed his teeth before filing them down, and sticking on temporary teeth during the trial process.

Because of the treatment, he claimed the procedure was not painful, however, the set of new teeth was not the most comfortable part of the journey.

''You can feel the plastic, it's not ideal.

''I'll be honest, these are just horrendous. They taste disgusting because they're made from plastic and they don't feel the best either.

''And when you go to eat, you have to eat, like, soft food because if you eat anything hard, you're more likely to break it.''

He also said that during the trial process of finding the perfect fit of the pearly whites, he was driven around in luxe cars, making the experience more enjoyable.

Once happy with the results, the new veneers were fitted and Jrizzy visited the clinic one last time for a check–up to ensure everything was spot-on.

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Showing off his teeth, he couldn't seem to be any more thrilled about the final outcome.

''Look at these! I'm so happy with these.''

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