I fake tanned & sat on an Aldi shopping bag to avoiding staining the furniture, when I stood up it was an utter disaster | The Sun

NOW winter is upon us most of us are back to applying fake tan for a year-round glow.

But one woman's fake tan blunder has the internet in hysterics.

One TikToker revealed her attempt to not stain the furniture in her hotel room didn't quite go to plan.

Amy, from Australia, visited a hotel in Sydney and realised she needed to fake tan.

Instead of sitting on the bedding and risk staining it, she decided to sit on an Aldi shopping bag.

Her hack seemed to be working fine until she got up and realised her idea didn't work.


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Amy said: "I thought it'd be great to tan myself before e go to Bondi tomorrow.

"Because we are in a hotel most things are white, the bed's white I couldn't sit down for it to develop.

That's when Amy had the genius idea to sit on her Aldi shopping bag but when she got up she was stunned to see the logo had printed onto her bum.

She continued: "I'd actually basically imprinted Aldi on my a**e, so now I have the Aldi logo stuck to my fake tan on my butt."

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Amy then showed a picture of her bum cheek and the shopping bag had clearly imprinted on her bum.

The video has since gone viral with over 35k views and people were in hysterics by the fake tan blunder.

One wrote: "Thankyou for the laugh, hope it comes off for you."

Another person commented: "That is gold! Sounds like something I would do."

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A third joked: "Aldi special buys has a new meaning haha this is so funny."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "This is so funny."

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