I earn up to £600 A DAY by selling pictures of my feet, some think my feet are 'atrocious' but I'm making a fortune

WITH the cost of living rising, many of us are on the look out for ways to make a little extra cash.

And one woman has stepped into a very lucrative side hustle – selling photos of her feet.

TikTok user Cat mama told her 27.3k followers that she makes so much money from selling the foot photos that she now does it as a living.

Throughout her social media page, the 20-year-old has videos of her perfectly manicured toes. 

One video is captioned: “Tiktok this isn’t nudity please don’t delete again I’m 20 thank you.”

In the video, she shows off her bank account and earnings she makes from selling pictures of her feet. 


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In one screenshot she shows how she's raked in £647 and £500 for selling the snaps.

While on another day she shows multiple earnings ranging from £10 up to £60. 

But although her money making skills are impressive, it appears not everyone approves of how her feet look. 

One wrote: “The square tips are atrocious.” 

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Another added: “They’re so long.” 

Someone else said: “Aren’t they a bit too long and too sharp on the edges?”

However, one stuck up for her and wrote: “Y’all don’t understand the money she can make off these.”

And other people were left confused that people purchase pictures of feet.

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One wrote: “I don’t get it …. Like I swear Google images exists like im acc so confused.”

Another added: “Like they can literally go on YouTube and watch a whole vid on feet why pay someone.”

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