I cheated on my lash lady & it ruined my holiday, it felt like someone had poured glue in my eye and they looked so bad | The Sun

A MUM has reminded us all once again why you should never cheat on your lash lady.

Ahead of her trip to Las Vegas, the US, TikTok user Kirstin Bridges (@officialkristinbridges) decided to do a little beauty prep.

But instead of booking an appointment with her regular lash pro, the mum decided to see another specialist – a mistake she will never forget.

Urging fellow beauty enthusiasts to learn from her hair-rific experience, Kirstin took to TikTok to share the story.

''Got lashes done for Vegas. Worst experience of my life.''

According to the mum, not only did she not like the look of the fluffy extensions, the products used also caused irritation and redness.


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The pain – which she described as having glue in her eyes – got so unbearable, the woman had to ask her daughter to step in.

Armed with the necessary products, Kristin's daughter set to help and placed a fan right next to her face to make the burning sensation less intense.

''It's like that initial burn and you gotta, like, chill it out.

''I'm so f***ing mad,'' Kristin was fuming, explaining that the lashes had been glued onto her eyelids.

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''Grateful for my girl for helping remove them.

''The fact I had extension remove in the first place, and even more thankful only minor irritation as a result.''

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She vowed: ''I'll never cheat again, I swear.''

Looking back at the mortifying experience, the mum uploaded a follow-up clip, where she was rocking new falsies.

''Honestly, I'm lucky as hell to not have damage.

''I love having my lashes done – as long as they are professionally done the correct way.''

Despite the pain and horror, the mum said she wouldn't reveal the person's identity – but she believed the beauty tech will learn one way or the other.

''In her head, she believes that placing those lashes on my skin was the correct and proper way.

''For whatever reason, she needed to have that reality altered in what truly is safe and professional.

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''I hope that with all the outreach and everything with this platform, […] maybe it helps her get a better lash tech.

''I think people are offered at least another chance.''

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