I bought a shirt from Shein… but there was much more than I bargained for, I immediately chucked the parcel | The Sun

ONE of the downsides of online shopping is that you can never really predict what's going to arrive on your doorstep – and one fashionista learnt this the hard way.

Looking to replenish her wardrobe, the TikTok user Luci (@luciffersdaughter) decided to see what's new on Shein, one of the world's leading style retailers.

The China-based fast fashion company has long been notorious for poor quality garments, underpaid labour and pumping out more pollution than its main rivals.

But upon receiving the parcel, Luci came to discover another negative aspect, as she ended up receiving more than she had bargained for.

Sharing the unpleasant experience on TikTok, the shopper vowed to never order anything from the retailer in the future.

''I am never buying from Shein again, w*f.''

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Zooming into the shirt she had immediately chucked on the floor, the now-viral clip revealed a mortifying discovery – hundreds of insects crawling all over the garment.

''I literally just got it out of the package.

''Bro, w*f… W*f is this s**t?

''They're crawling on me now, w*f,'' she exclaimed in horror.

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Absolutely mortified, Luci also made sure to tag the brand under her video demanding an explanation.

''@SHEIN please explain this because w*f ????? STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PACKAGE INFESTED.''

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She continued in the comments: ''The nest was inside of the folded shirt not on the outside that’s why I threw it on the floor, it caught me by surprise.''

The gross clip has since taken the social media platform by storm, racking up almost a whopping 15million views and thousands of comments.

''OK but like why are you recording and letting the bugs get all in your house in a dragging it outside I would be in full panic,'' one penned.

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A fellow shopper was scared to check their delivery: ''My Shein order is literally sitting across from me right now. I’m rethinking this decision.''

''Oh heck no,'' is how somebody else felt abut the grim discovery.

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