I am a wellness expert – here are 5 hacks & tricks to improve your work-from-home setup to be more zen | The Sun

A WELLNESS expert has revealed her five top hacks to improve your work-from-home setup.

TikToker Jodie Melissa has shared simple tricks you can do while working remotely that can help you be more zen during those long Zoom meetings.

The wellness expert posted her tips in a TikTok clip captioned: "Five tips to look after your well-being when working from home."

Jodie says the first and most important thing to do for your well-being is to make sure your desk or work space is placed near a window.

This way you can maximise the daylight you are getting.

Another tip is to try to start your day by doing a fake commute.

Going for a short walk or grabbing a coffee in the morning is going to help you start your working day right.

Your mindset is clearly trivial to your overall wellbeing.

Instead of thinking "I have to work" try to think of "I get to work" and appreciate you are lucky enough to be able to work remotely.

Another trick is to get ready for the day as if you would go into the office.

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That could mean anything that you would do for a work environment like getting properly dressed.

Lastly, the health expert notes it's important to make sure you get enough rest throughout the day and get a proper lunch break.

TikTokers were quick to comment and appeared to find her tips very helpful.

One said: "this is actuall super helpful. feel like a hobo because I never get properly dressed anymore… and the commute idea".

Someone added: "Starting soon to work from home for the first time, appreciate tips!"

Another one said: "These are all really helpful! Never thought about the third one before – going to start reminding myself!"

And someone else wrote: "I looove this especially the commute and get ready parts! I’m back in the office but these would’ve been so helpful when I was at home."

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