I accidentally sent a NUDE photo to my family group chat – I only noticed after my brother messaged me

THE family group chats is usually a space reserved for cute pet pics, life admin and a much-needed reminder that your granny's birthday is coming up.

So spare a thought for this poor woman who lived through one of our greatest nightmares when she accidentally shared a NUDE picture with her nearest and dearest.

Over the weekend, TikTok user Bethany Margaret detailed the mortifying story in a series of videos which she shared with her 16,600 followers.

In the first clip, Beth explained how she had been shopping with her friend that day and they'd both liked the look of some bralettes in Primark.

Unlike normal bra cup sizes, the underwear came in dress sizes – and her "well endowed" friend wasn't sure which one would fit her.

Beth explained: "So [my friend] was like, 'hey you just get yours and then you tell me what the sizing is like and we can come back tomorrow and I can buy some for me if they're good.'"

"I actually ended up buying this bralette and pant set in every colour they have because it's £3 for a bra – come on ladies, we all know that's a b****y bargain!"

That evening, Beth's friend was supposed to stay the night and she was going to try on her bralette then.

But a change of plan meant she went home and they agreed Beth would just send her a picture instead.

She continued: "I talk to my friend on WhatsApp. I don't talk to anyone else on WhatsApp. No no… except my family."

I talk to my friend on WhatsApp. I don't talk to anyone else on WhatsApp. No no… except my family.

After gushing about the fit of the bralette, Beth's friend asked her to send a picture too.

She added: "I go onto WhatsApp. I go onto the most recent chat. I don't even read it because the most recent chat is always the chat with my friend.

"It's the only chat that's ever active on WhatsApp!"

After sending the picture of her bralette, Beth started getting dressed again feeling confident that she'd "done a really good thing" when she got a notification.

Naturally, she was expecting it to be her best friend thanking her for the picture -but her heart dropped when her brother's name flashed on her screen.

She continued: "It was from my brother. It said, 'Remove that. Quickly.'"

Needless to say, Beth deleted the picture as soon as she realised her epic mistake.

But despite her best efforts to convince them all it was a photo of her friend, Beth's family saw right through it.

"I'm gonna die," she wrote. "See you all in hell bye xox."

Trying his best to reassure her, one family member simply said: "S**t happens."

Luckily for Beth, her dad was already asleep when she sent the picture – but she decided to tell them the full story when he asked the following morning.

Her sister-in-law then replied: "At least you had a bra on Beth. Live and learn.

"Always double check before sending c**k shots. Made my night as you often do."

Her videos have racked up over one MILLION views on TikTok – and people were impressed by how well her family reacted.

One said: "At least they were sound about it!"

"Stop I love your family," another added.

"Have you found a nice comfy hole to hide in," a third said. "Because damn sure I'd never see my family again."

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