How to avoid sweaty feet in heels this summer – 7 tips

TikTok user shares vaseline tip to make heels comfortable

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The weather is warm and it’s time to slip into some high heeled sandals. Every year we forget the one problem with this – wearing heels in summer leaves your feet hot, sweaty and uncomfortable sliding around. Nobody can walk naturally or gracefully in this scenario, and it can cause you to trip or fall. Don’t worry, chatted to the founder of luxury and sustainable high heel brand Kaya Capriole, Emjee Smit, to find out seven tips for wearing platforms, stilettos and court heels in complete comfort this summer.

Spritz them with deodorant.

Spraying your feet with deodorant might sound a little strange but it’s actually one of the simplest ways by which you can prevent high heel sweat.

Emjee said: “Just as you’d apply deodorant to your underarms, spritz some deodorant on your feet to keep them feeling fresh all day long. You don’t need much, one layer should suffice.

“Although, you do need to consider which deodorant you’re using; I would suggest opting for a clear and light deodorant – you don’t want it to stain the inner lining of your shoes, especially if they’re a highlight of the shoe’s design like ours often are at Kaya Capriole.”

Make sure you have some wiggle room

Never buy high heels that are too small or tight… you should always have a little gap.

Emjee said: “Ventilation is key and celebs don’t wear high heels that look a little too big for no reason.

“Leaving some wiggle room in your high heels not only prevents painful rubbing, but it also allows air to flow under your feet, thus keeping them cooler and less sweaty.

“Never wear high heels that feel too tight, your feet will get hot and sweaty in no time!”

Wear strategic socks in court heels

Socks can’t be worn with most heels, but you might get away with a pair when wearing court heels.

Emjee explained: “If you’re wearing court heels then you can invest in pop-socks which you won’t see yet they’ll help to keep your feet less sweaty.

“That’s right, the age-old pop socks from your school days finally have another use!”

Invest in some foot powder

If your heels aren’t open-toe or sandal-style then you can consider sprinkling your feet with talc-free foot powder.

Emjee said: “Foot powder will absorb sweat from your feet, making your entire night more relaxed and comfortable.

“However, you should only consider this if your feet are particularly prone to foot-sweat and you aren’t wearing heels with pretty inner linings as the powder will detract from the vibrancy of delicate materials over time.”

Stay hydrated

Surprisingly, drinking more actually means you’ll sweat less… so drink up!

Emjee explained: “When you’re busy and forget to drink, or simply don’t drink enough, your body tries to regulate its temperature by sweating.

“If you drink eight glasses of water per day, you’ll likely find that your feet are much less sweaty, no matter the high heels you’re wearing.”

Lessen your stress levels

Experts believe that increased stress levels are often a cause of increased foot sweat, so you’ll need to lower your stress levels if you want to avoid foot sweat.

Emjee said: “If you’re feeling stressed, overworked or generally quite anxious then, yes, your high-heels could be faced with a little extra sweat than usual.

“To alleviate this, consider stress-reducing techniques like yoga or meditation; in the long-term, this will work wonders with making your feet less sweat-prone.”

Invest in breathable heels if you’re prone to foot-sweat

If you often find that your feet feel sweaty, or they produce a lot of sweat in certain environments, for example, hot nightclubs, then prioritise the correct style of the heel for your feet.

Emjee said: “Choose breathable, open heels that don’t restrict your feet.

“In doing so, you’ll alleviate almost all of this problem instantaneously!

“For example, our Mokuzai heels are completely breathable, making them an ideal choice for your next night out.”

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