Horror as man discovers unexpected venomous animal in his shoes – before discovering something even more dangerous | The Sun

A MAN has been met with a shocking surprise after finding an extremely dangerous animal slithering in his shoes.

When a Cherokee County, Georgia man noticed a startling snake in his garage a couple of weeks ago, he immediately realized that the venomous creature wasn't alone.

The man's neighbor, Josh Dameron, reportedly handled multiple venomous snakes that were slithering in out of the shoes kept inside his home's garage.

Earlier this month, Dameron was approached by his neighbor just after 9p.m., Newsweek reported.

"We spoke and he informed me that he moved his trash can to the street and when he did, two snakes moved over to his garage," Dameron told the news outlet.

"He shut his garage and then came over to me," he added.

Dameron explained that, when he went over to help his neighbor get rid of the unwanted guests, he expected the snakes to be garter or rat snakes.

He said that he'd seen well over 100 snakes in the neighborhood over the last five years.

Dameron explained that, though he's seen many snakes pass through the area, only one of them that he's spotted over the years was a copperhead snake like the two that snuck into his neighbor's garage.

"And it was dead on the road far from homes at the entrance of the neighborhood," he said.

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Copperhead is a particularly venomous species of snake.

They can be found throughout the eastern and central U.S., with the exception of Florida and southern Georgia.

The venomous snakes are identifiable by their tan-colored bodies and hourglass-shaped dark bands as well as their copper-red heads, from which their name derives.

To the helpful neighbor's surprise, he opened the home's door to the garage and locked eyes with two venomous copperheads "chilling out" at the bottom of the stairs.

"The snakes were surprisingly nonaggressive but fairly large," he said.

Explaining that they were: "Both over 2 feet."

Although copperheads are venomous snakes, bites from the species of snake are extremely rare, according to Newsweek.

But the breed of snake's venom does contain a potent toxin that breaks down red blood cells, which they use to subdue their prey.

"If they are left alone, they aren't dangerous at all," according to executive director and CEO of Oklahoma's River Parks Authority Jeff Edwards shared.

"They are venomous, but their venom is considered mild, and 99.99 percent of bite victims survive."

Dameron revealed that, because of the neighborhood lake, their area of residence has "a decent population of midland water snakes."

"They are so commonly misidentified as copperheads." he admitted.

If you ever need to, you can easily distinguish between a water snake and a copperhead snake by looking at the shape of the pattern on its scales.

Water snakes appear to have saddle-shaped dark bands along their back from an overhead view.

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Water snakes have a saddle shape that's wide in the middle and narrow along the edges while a copperhead's markings resemble an hourglass, with the narrowest section in the center.

The best way to determine what kind of snake may be disturbing your peace and remain safe is to call a professional if you find a snake on your property.

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