Hairdresser reveals why your stylist tells you to look down when having a trim

A HAIRDRESSER has revealed why you need to look down when getting your hair trimmed – and it’ll make you take note next time you get a cut. 

Brooke Udy Clark, otherwise known as @brookethestylust on TikTok, shared a video stressing the importance.

The video sees Brooke cutting a woman’s hair, with the voiceover explaining why sitting with your head facing up can be disastrous. 

The clip shows a woman with damp hair whose hair appears to be neatly trimmed. 

However, when she tips her head down, Brooke brushes the locks to reveal an uneven “shelf”.

Brooke explains: “The underneath may look even but there is a shelf. Always look down for your trim.”

Since her video has been uploaded, it has racked up a staggering 1.8million views. 

One said: “I’ve always wondered that but never questioned it. I’m surprised.”

Another added: “That’s why when I cut my sisters hair it turns out wonky.’

A few people raised concerns that their own stylist had never asked them to do it during their cuts. 

One said: “My stylist has never said this. I’ve been told not to look down and only straight ahead.”

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