Gabriela Hearst's First New York Boutique is a Minimalist Dream

Gabriela Hearst, she of the mile-long bag wait lists, has put down brick and mortar roots in New York’s Upper East side at Carlyle House at 985 Madison Avenue. The sustainably-designed, sun soaked space uses natural, non-treated reclaimed oak and marble parquet damier floors. In keeping with her ethically designed collections, 90% of the material waste generated during the construction process was recycled. The neutral toned boutique features custom furniture designed in-house and the seating was made in collaboration with Autoban. “It was always part of the dream to have a store,” Hearst explains, “The main goal for our first flagship was to create a luxury environment that was done in a conscious way because my belief is that luxury should be sustainable. The store is constructed with no synthetic fibers and no chemically treated materials. Every piece of furniture is made by hand by Italian craftsmen, in Italy and on site. We took no shortcuts and additionally we wanted to create a place that is inviting, inspiring and authentic.” Each material used in the jewel box of a store was chosen with care and a conscience, and there’s no denying that ladies will inevitable find their way to that wall of bags. As they say, get in line. Take a tour below.

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