From Kevin McCallister fans to the romantics for Love Actually – here's what your favourite Xmas movie reveals about you | The Sun

THE days are getting colder and darker which means only one thing – Christmas movie marathons with gallons of mulled wine by the side.

Whether you tune in the adventures of Kevin McCallister or watch Love Actually for the millionth time, we all have a favourite – and according to one expert, it tells a lot about your personality.

To find out what your top pick says about you, Fabulous spoke exclusively to Aaron Surtees, a psychologist and hypnotherapist who runs award-winning clinic City Hypnosis in London.

''Interestingly, favourite films watched in your childhood or teen years become synonymous with who we feel we are as a person, who we relate to, forming our tastes, personality and how we express ourselves in adult life – all from a connection we felt/feel towards the film’s characters. 

''This is more evident at Christmas when there is a lot of nostalgia around movies, in particular Christmas films.''

So which movie do you watch every year…?

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Home Alone

Top traits: Underdog, always wanting to prove your worth, understanding, kind-hearted, slightly cheeky and playful.

Aaron said: ''Home Alone is a classic. You understand what Kevin is going through and know what it feels like to be overlooked our not have your voice heard.

''You take this all in your stride though and your kind-hearted and understanding nature will win you over many admirers.

''Just like the movie, you are slightly playful and the silliest of things can humour you. 

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''You are articulate and bright but don’t like to show this side too much as you are used to being the underdog and feel a little shy to be the centre of attention in adulthood as you are not used to it – it feels a little uncomfortable.

''You are also used to being overshadowed by other family members who are louder and need a little encouragement to come out of your shell. 

''Overall, you will do anything for anyone as you have empathy for other Kevins out there!''

Love Actually

Top traits: Ultimate romantic, positive, caring, relatable, sensitive

The guru told The Sun: ''You are a romantic at heart and can relate deeply to each of the love stories from your personal experience.

''You are an honest and down to earth person who seeks unconditional love.

''Like the characters in the film, you are relatable to people and like making others happy.

''You are the first person to buy presents and help a loved family of friend celebrate something.

''You are a positive person and face adversity in your stride.

''You are a great listener and an agony type aunty to everyone you know.

''Sometimes this comes at a price because you can neglect yourself so ‘me time’ should be your priority sometimes.''

How the Grinch Stole Chrismtas

Top Traits: Deep thinker, struggle with self-esteem, serious, realistic, independent

Aaron explained: ''The Grinch is another relatable movie but beneath its layer it has a darker, more serious side.

''On the surface you might give the perception that you aren’t bothered by certain things, such as, being left out of friend’s meet up, but deep down you are hurt.

''You won’t reveal your feelings, however, and can bottle things up. 

''You are a naturally independent individual and because of this, others fail to realise you too sometimes need support and you struggle with self-esteem.

''You are also stuck in your ways and friends and family are always trying you to try new things.

''Very rarely you do but when you do you enjoy it!''

The Polar Express

Top traits: Adventurer, go-getter type, excessive, strong personality

The expert explained: ''You are young at heart and love fantasy and adventure.

''You let your imagination run wild and you’re a risk taker.

''An avid adventurer, your friends and family won’t be fazed by your next announcement for action or travel.

''You are happy-go-lucky and want everything in life – by the laws of gravity it naturally comes to you because your positivity draws everyone in. 

''You are also articulate and take pride in your work and don’t appreciate being told no.

''You are everyone’s friend and can spark up a conversation with anyone anytime. You are the envy of your peers!''

A Christmas Carol

Top traits: Sympathetic, old-fashioned, social, affectionate, selfless

The guru noted: ''You do a lot for others and often give to charity.

''You are old-fashioned at heart and remember the fundamental reasons behind things. 

''You are selfless, good-natured, and sympathetic. You have a busy social calendar and take great pride in helping others as much as possible to help your community.

''Everyone relies on you, but you relish in it.

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''You’re affectionate with loved ones and deeply appreciated by all you know.

''People know you to never break any rules and you are the exemplar of a law abiding citizen.''

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