Four interior design trends which are outdated – having a room centered around the TV makes you look stupid | The Sun

FROM how you fluff your cushions to where you place your TV, the interior of your home can say a lot about you.

One interior design expert revealed the four trends that are making your space look dated.

TikTok user Aoife (@stylesosimple) shared her advice on how to keep your home looking timeless.

In her video, Aoife explained: "These are the interior design trends that are out for 2023, including the ones I don’t agree with."

For her first tip, the influencer advised against "chopping your cushions."

She detailed: "Chopping your pillows makes it look a little bit too formal and a little bit too much like a photo shoot. People are now opting for a more casual relaxed feel in their homes."

Aoife also recommended "saying goodbye to themed interior designs."

The interior designer told viewers that "any of the styles like industrial, farmhouse, boho that really just look like they have come off the set of a movie are out."

Instead, she suggested incorporating elements of your favorite styles into your home.

In a second video, Aoife advised against having your TV as the "focal point" of any room.

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"We are more than monkeys watching Love Island so let’s center our furniture around anything, just not your TV, a piece of artwork, family photos, anything," she suggested.

Aoife continued: "Even better, maybe arrange your furniture so that they make conversational areas so that when people actually sit down they don’t stare at the TV, they chat."

Finally, the interior design expert recommended investing in "unique second-hand or thrift pieces" instead of "fast furniture."

"We are putting things into our homes that we are going to be taking out in the next few weeks. It doesn’t make sense, it’s not good for the environment, and it’s out of trend," she said.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the advice.

"I’ve never had a TV in my family room because of aesthetics. We never used the room. I just put a TV in it…Bam! We’re all there!" wrote one viewer.

"And what break my neck watching TV?" asked another TikTok user.

"I’m sorry I’m not gonna stare at my family pictures for six hours so why would I make it the center of the room," commented a third person.

Another follower said: "I never chopped my pillows, they look so silly."

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