Five ‘fabulously chic’ hairstyles for ‘more youthful appearance’

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Hair expert Nicole Petty from Milk + Blush exclusively shared the best haircuts, colours and styles for a “more youthful appearance” this year. The stylist explained that an “unsuitable or dated haircut can age your appearance” but luckily, there are five styles that can help women maintain a youthful look.

A modern pixie cut

Pixie cuts are a “bold choice”, Nicole said, as they are “fabulously chic and can help to accentuate facial features, remove weightiness from thick hair and add texture and fullness to fine or thinning hair”.

Some shorter styles can sometimes be seen as dull and unfashionable so it is important women ask “for this updated version of the pixie cut with additional trendy features to create a sophisticated yet youthful look,” the expert recommended.

This could be, for example, adding well-blended highlights to add dimension and texture or adding bangs, which “can make a big difference”.

Nicole explained that bangs “help maintain some femininity in an otherwise more masculine haircut by softening the more structured style”. Finally, layers are “a perfect addition” to add volume and create a “messy” look, which is a big trend for 2023, according to the hairstylist.

A layered and choppy bob

Bobs are very popular amongst younger women making it the perfect choice for those looking “to inject some youthfulness into their everyday look”.

Nicole recommended asymmetrical and effortless tousled bobs as two cuts that emit a “youthful glow and smooth out any harsh angles or lines that can make you look older”. Bobs can be “wonderfully low maintenance”, when styled right, the expert said, especially for wavy hair types.

Getting strategic highlights is a great way to frame the face and create a “lifting effect, brightening the complexion and creating a more youthful look”. The stylist also advised adding bangs to this style as an effective way to “hide any physical signs of ageing and can divert attention from any thinning areas of hair”.

However, she warned women not to get layers that are too short, especially if they have short hair, “as these can look quite dated, making you appear older”.

A relaxed lob

Nicole explained that a relaxed lob, which is a long bob cut, is the “perfect middle ground, and can be customised to suit every face shape and hair texture”.

Rounded shapes would opt for a straight lob with length around the front of the face, whilst angular faces suit a textured lob to “soften sharp features”.

In order to create more volume, women with thin hair should go for a textured lob, to create “the illusion of fullness”.

The hairstylist explained that this is one of the most versatile lengths and is great for those who are on the go, as it “can still easily be tied up and styled”.

Long and feathery waves

For those who prefer sticking to their long hair, Nicole said that they should enhance it “with a curtain bang or choppy fringe, which help to hide any signs of ageing on the forehead”.

Adding layers will remove any “bulkiness from thicker hair and add width and texture to finer hair”.

When women style it themselves, Nicole said “don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles”. Long hair can be styled pin-straight, with soft waves, blown out or with voluminous curls to “take years off the face”.

Sleek chignon

When it comes to styling the hair to look younger, “you can’t go wrong with a classic updo,” the hairstylist said.

A sleek chignon pulls the hair off the face, tightening facial features and accentuating the eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones.

Nicole recommended: “Simply pull the hair off your face, secure it in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, tease it slightly (at the crown), split it into two sections and loosely wrap the first section before securing it with a bobby pin.

“Next, wrap the second section around the first section and secure it with another pin to create the bun shape.

“Finish by adding extra pins and hairspray to keep the style in shape,” the expert advised.

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