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IT'S probably the most expensive piece of jewellery you'll ever own – so it's only natural that you want your engagement ring to look suitably flashy.

But now British jewellery experts have revealed the five most common blunders which make your sparkler look cheap – and it doesn't matter how much your other half forked out for it.

1. Low Colour Diamond

Speaking to WhoWhatWear, Octavia Zamagias of Octavia Elizabeth Jewellery claimed that diamonds with a "low colour grade" is guaranteed to make the ring look cheap.

After all, diamonds are graded on the criteria of "cut, colour, carat and clarity" – and jewels which fall under the K, L or M category tend to have a slightly yellow hue instead of a glistening white.

In order to avoid this, the expert said that going for a smaller, whiter diamond will make the ring look more expensive in comparison to a larger, yellow toned jewel.

2. Large or unbalanced prongs

The experts at Ashley Zhang jewellery claimed that "prongs that are too wide or heavy cane distract from a gorgeous centre diamond" and cheapen the overall effect.

When you have a diamond that is either a quarter of a carat or over five, Octavia recommended getting it set by an expert as large or unbalanced prongs can look like an "arts-and-crafts project"… i.e. NOT what you want in a ring that's supposed to last a lifetime.

The experts swear by sharp, claw prongs to make the diamond look more delicate and pricey.

3. Clumsy Metalwork

Although it might have been stylish at the time, there's no denying that chunky metalwork on an engagement ring doesn't exactly date well.

Corina Madilian of Single Stone said: "There's nothing that screams cheap MORE than bad metalwork."

When choosing selecting your engagement ring, the experts insist that the design is originally and not a poorly-executed knockoff.

4. High Setting

We get it: you've got a diamond ring on your finger and you want EVERYONE to know about it.

However, the experts claim that a high diamond setting will only cheapen the look of your ring.

"Many times, this is due to going to a jeweller who is using a mass-produced setting that is made to fit a variety of diamond sizes," Ashley said.

According to the expert, if there's too much space under the bottom of the diamond then you should consider resetting your ring to make it look more expensive AND more comfortable to wear.

5. Mismatched diamond halo and centre jewel

Although we can't exactly blame you for wanting to add some extra sparkle to your engagement ring, the experts stressed how important it was to match the colour of your centre stone and the diamonds around the outside.

When done correctly this effective technique will make your diamond look LARGER… but Octavia claims that "having a huge contrast in colour qualities will confuses the eyes – and not in a good way!"

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